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A forgotten bottle of Spanish wine brings back memories.

I look out the window holding my glass.

Closing my eyes I breathe in the smell of my wine.

It smells like home.


Haunted by my feelings, I begin to fall apart.

Wet eyes full of tears are shouting that I´m wrong.

I wonder why I am so far away from home.


I love this country, it´s cold and calm.

My mind speaks languages that I don´t even understand.


I close my eyes and again breathe in the smell of my wine.

Images of my country come to mind,

Warmth, light, faces, laughters, and the sun.

It is late at night.


I drink the whole glass of wine and then a second one.

The wine tastes like home and takes me to that place in the sun.


I breathe the clean, cold air of this quiet night.

I´m not feeling better and I need another one.

I do love this country and the taste of my wine.


I´m awake again!

Spanish words run through my blood.

I thought I’d lost them but they are back!

My blood is burning lost in the dark.


I love this city, I really do.

But I am dead tired of it too.

My country´s been waiting for a long time.

It can´t wait to have me there and neither can I.


Wait for me just one more night!

Though the night I left, I let you die.

And now we know that we only have this glass of wine.